Marble Bar Aspen

Marble Bar Aspen

NOW OPEN – Marble Bar Aspen, a Marble Distilling Co. concept and tasting room. Find us in the heart of downtown Aspen within the Hyatt Residence Club Grand Aspen next to the Silver Circle Ice Rink. Enjoy the spirits of the season at our custom marble bar or lounging fireside. Marble Bar Aspen is the hippest Happy Hour spot and a destination for nightlife including live music, comedy, trivia, A Class & A Glass and more!

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Marble Bar Aspen Menu

Our menu features Colorado craft cocktails and local farm-to-table small bites. Off the menu you’ll find lively conversation and the hippest Apres Ski around. Enjoy the finest local spirits in the valley! Drink Locally and Sustainably!


Marble Flight
Sample our signature spirits  /  $14

Marble-Rita / Infused-Rita
Gingercello, Marble Vodka, lime, citrus & jalapeño
Crystallized ginger-honey rimmed glass  /  $10

Marble Mule
Marble Vodka & Gingercello, Ginger beer & lime  /  $8
Infused Mule +1
Whiskey Mule +1
Reserve Mule +1

The Dude
Moonlight EXpresso on the rocks, a skösh of Cream & a shave of chocolate  /  $12
Crunchy Dude: sub almond milk
Dude Abides: with Marble Vodka +1
Variant Dude: Vodka Infusion or Whiskey +1

Vodka Classics
If it’s got Vodka, we can make it
Vodka Soda or Tonic  /  $9



Deputy Dog
Grapefruit-infused Marble Vodka, grapefruit juice, grapefruit soda & lime  /  $10

The Decadent Mule
Gingercello Reserve, basil simple syrup, ginger beer, lime juice & mint  /  $12

Winner of The 2017 Marble Throwdown MiCasita
Marble Vodka & hibiscus water, Stripped mojito mix, simple syrup & mint  /  $12

Bonedale Bloody
Made with Love + Bacon  /  $13

Food & Tasting Bites

Distiller’s Choice Board
Colorado charcuterie, cheese & all the fixins  /  $18

Housemade Hummus Plate
Varying flavors by EAT Catering  /  $9

Chips and Salsa
Local flavor from MiCasita  /  $5


JJ Curley
A New-Old Fashioned
Hoover’s Revenge Ragged Mountain Rye, Gingercello Reserve, bitters, cherry, orange  /  $14

Osgood Sleuth
Marble Manhattan
Hoover’s Revenge Ragged Mountain Rye, sweet vermouth & cherry  /  $14


*These pack a punch – Limit 2

Classic Marble Vodka Martini, Chilled
Your choice – regular or infused  /  $13

Moonlight EXpresso Martini
Marble Vodka & Moonlight EXpresso, Splash of heavy cream & espresso  /  $13


Alpine Camo
Gingercello Reserve, chamomile tea & honey  /  $14

AKA The Hot Dude
Moonlight EXpresso, hot chocolate & whipped cream  /  $12
Marble Vodka Infusion or Whiskey +1

Hoover’s Hot Toddy
Hoover’s Revenge Ragged Mountain Rye, lemon & honey  /  $12

Bottle Service

Marble Vodka Bottle Service
750 ML Marble Vodka
Includes an assortment of mixers / $125

The Dude Bottle Service
750 ML Moonlight EXpresso
375 ML Marble Vodka
Includes everything you need to make “Dude” cocktails / $200

Marble Mule Bottle Service
750 ML Marble Vodka
375 ML Gingercello
Includes everything you need to make your own Marble Mule / $200

Bonedale Bloody Bottle Service
Three (3) pre-mixed 750 ML Bonedale Bloody bottles
Includes an assortment of Bloody Mary garnishes / $200

Tasting Bites

Distiller’s Choice Board
Colorado charcuterie, cheese & all the fixins / $20

Housemade Hummus Plate
Varying flavors by EAT Private Chef & Catering / $11

Trail Mix
Mixed nuts, raisins + M&M’s / $5

Holy Doughnuts
Made locally by Sweet Coloradough / $10


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