Marble Distilling Whiskey Barrel Club in Carbondale Colorado

The 11L barrel will yield up to 18 bottles (dependent on final proof chosen.) Equally exciting, you will also receive first access to new special releases that will not be made available to the public.

Membership includes perks, privileges, and specials at the inn. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and become a part of the Bourbon and Whiskey Club today!

A unique experience over the course of up to two years where you are the master of your barrel. Come in and taste as often as you desire and experience the maturation of your whiskey. Interact with our experienced team of distillers and brand ambassadors to learn the complexities of barrel aging.

Bourbon and whiskey lovers unite!

Thirsty bourbon and whiskey drinkers across the country are singing praises for this innovative Membership where members can age their very own bourbon or whiskey in the distillery’s Barrel Room in Carbondale.

11L American Oak Barrel

Barrel Club Members receive a new 11L American Oak Barrel with a #3 char. Your barrel is filled with the bourbon or whiskey of your choice, engraved with your name and stored in the glass enclosed, humidification-controlled barrel locker. You’ll enjoy visiting the Barrel Room, to sample your aging bourbon from time to time, and once aged to your desired taste, the spirits are bottled at your desired proof.

Participate in the bottling and labeling of your whiskey, if you so choose.


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Are you 21 years of age or older?