Colorado Is Home to One of the Most Sustainable Distilleries on the Planet

Marble Distilling zero waste sustainable spirits

Sustainable Distilleries Marble Distilling is featured in this issue of Westword. Marble Distilling was founded by Connie Baker, a former pharmaceutical communications professional who decided to pursue her passion for distilling. Baker’s fascination with vodka led her to enroll in a distilling school, where she quickly realized her calling and decided to open a distillery […]

Marble’s Connie Baker featured in Tasting Table

Marble Distilling's whiskey tasting flight

See the entire article In Tasting Table here. by Katherine Peach. ” Similar to enjoying the complexities of wine, tasting bourbon requires learning how to savor — once the shock of the alcohol fades — to categorize potentially rolling flavors and subtle aromas versus just shooting the delicious brown liquid. You’ll want to assess appearance, aroma, […]

Saving the Colorado River-Marble Distilling featured in Axios Denver

Marble Distilling's Zero Waste Water tanks

“Connie Baker is looking to save the Colorado River and the planet one bottle of vodka at a time.” Marble Distilling is featured in Axios Denver. See the article here. At Marble Distilling, we are proud to be a company that values water conservation and sustainability. As a Colorado-based business, we understand the importance of […]

Marble Bar and The Distillery Inn are featured in The Travel

Bartender making sustainable craft cocktails at the Marble Bar in Carbondale CO

Marble Bar and The Distillery Inn are featured in The Travel. “Located in the heart of central Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the cozy and scenic Carbondale is the perfect getaway to rest, relax, and “take it easy.” But the tiny town is not just for maxing and relaxing—it’s also known for its plethora of adventurous year-round outdoor activities.” Read […]


Luxury Room with fireplace at Marble Distillery Inn in carbondale Colorado

Biglife Magazine covered Marble’s Distillery inn in Carbondale, CO. an unlikely inn words by AMANDA M. FAISON “Once you’ve settled in, come down for a cocktail on us,” chirped a manager as my husband and I jostled our overnight bag up a set of wide stairs. And that was how our weekend visit to The Distillery Inn, […]

MATADOR NETWORK Covers Marble’s Sustainable Distilling Process

Head Distiller and co-founder of Marble Distilling, Connie Baker,making whiskey.

“SUSTAINABILITY IS ALL the rage in the craft world. In the realms of craft spirits, in particular, there are common sustainability practices that distillers worldwide boast about — using recycled barrels and existing lightweight glass bottles as opposed to custom-produced bottles, for example. Distillery owners can power their distilleries on renewable energy and encourage sipping […]

Forbes Magazine highlights Marble’s Sustainable Distilling Process 

Inside view of Marble Distilling's Sustainable Distillery and Distillation equipment

Forbes Magazine highlighted Marble’s sustainable distilling process in their coverage of places to go in Carbondale, CO.“Opened in 2015, her zero-waste distillery sources 90 percent of its grain from within a mile, with the rest coming from elsewhere in Colorado. After the grains have been distilled, the protein-rich spent mash is given to ranchers for […]

Wine Enthusiast mentions Marble’s Gingercello and Gingercello Reserve

Marble Gingercello Reserve, a premium ginger liqueur from Colorado

The Bittersweet Symphony of Modern Liqueurs BY KARA NEWMAN  Read full article here Marble Gingercello Liqueur (USA; Marble Distilling, Carbondale, CO); $39, 93 points. Described by the producer as “a contemporary cello adaptation,” look for a pale straw hue in the glass and sprightly fresh ginger root fragrance. The palate is moderately sweet and viscous, spiced with […]

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