Even though we live in the mountains and love the snow, we celebrate when it melts. Our Gingercello is a tribute to springtime and a modern adaptation of the Italian classic.

We use fresh cut ginger and the sweetest part of the lemon zest for a refreshing taste. Well-aged, but you don’t have to wait until springtime to enjoy.


Yields one cocktail, serve in a rocks glass

1.5 oz Gingercello
.5 oz Marble Vodka
2 oz Stripped Margarita Mix
Crystallized Ginger

Shake first 3 with ice & pour into glass
Dip ¼ of the glass rim in honey
Dip again into well-ground crystallized ginger
Garnish with fresh mint & jalapeño slice

Crystal Cosmo

Yields one cocktail, serve in a martini glass

2 oz Marble Vodka
1 oz Gingercello
.5 oz Pomegranate Juice
.5 oz Cranberry Juice
2 slices of lime & 1 slice of lemon
Squeeze & drop into shaker
Shaken with ice & poured into martini glass, neat
Garnish with fresh mint

Marble Mule

Yields one cocktail, serve in a rocks glass

Rocks glass with Ice
2 oz. Marble Vodka
1 oz. Gingercello
½ lime, squeezed
Top with Ginger Beer
Garnish with Lime Slice

How to make Simple Syrup
1:1 ratio of sugar & water
Bring to a boil — dissolve sugar & cool completely