Hoover’s Revenge

A Ragged Mountain Rye straight from the Rockies

Distilled in fond memory of our old coon hound named Hoover who lost an eye after a run in with a Mountain Lion. Old Hoover forgot the first rule of thumb – when approaching a cornered cougar, offer her a drink. Hoover’s Revenge captures the fighting spirit and warm heart of its namesake. Pour a glass and breathe in the spirit of the One-Eyed-Hound.

Hoover’s Revenge
Ragged Mountain Rye

Sourcing all Colorado grains, most from a local ranch less than one mile from the distillery, Marble sends its stillage back to the ranch for livestock feed and compost. In the future, Baker will release Fightin’ Whiskey and Backcountry Bourbon, which are fermented in open cyprus tanks and copper-pot distilled as well.


Hoover the Dog