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Marble is changing the sustainability landscape one meal, and one drink at a time. Every aspect of the company is designed in an environmentally responsible way, so each process of distilling, waste disposal, and everything in between contributes to our net zero goals. 

From the start, we’ve taken our whole systems approach to attain net zero status in 2015 and have been improving it since then. From chemical-free, local sourcing of our ingredients, to our WETS water reuse system, to harnessing passive and paneled solar energy to giving our spent mash back to local farmers for their livestock, we took every step of the process and made it work to our goal.

Marble Distilling's Zero Water Waste Tanks and solar panels at their Distillery in Carbondale Colorado
WETS, zero water waste, 5000 gallon water tanks
Local Cattle Rancher in Carbondale Colorado
Spent mash is sent to local farmers for feeding livestock


By reducing the waste output of each bottle distilled, we believe that sustainable success is achieved by steadily using the same, repeatable best practices over time.

Our energy savings—including recapture and solar— can power 20 homes. Our green code rating is 83% lower than the town’s standards, and we use 20% less energy than other distilleries. We prioritize limiting waste as best we can, and Marble’s unique innovation: The Water Energy Thermal System, or WETS, helps us achieve this goal.

A mainstream distillery will use millions of gallons of water throughout the distilling process—much of which ultimately goes to waste. With our WETS, which is essentially an energy storage technology, we save around 4 million gallons of water every year.  

That’s a lot of water. 

Be our HERO and “Help us Save the Planet, One Bottle at a Time” by drinking Marble’s Sustainable Spirits.


Put another way: At Marble, one bottle of water is used to make one bottle of our spirits. Meanwhile, other distilleries use up to 100 bottles of water to produce only 1 bottle of vodka. That’s a lot of waste that we don’t have at Marble. 

The technology does several crucial things. Firstly, it stores hot water left over from the distilling process for later use. Secondly, it uses excess energy to heat the facility itself. Thirdly, when there is too much heat produced, the technology transfers it, using it to prevent snow buildup in surrounding areas. And lastly, excess cold water is repurposed to cool both the distillery and the rooms at the Inn.



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