Our team

  • Connie BakerCo-Founder | Queen Bee

    “BELIEVE! Greatness is possible if you put your head down and your heart and soul into it. Our spirits showcase that.”
    Photo: Jack Affleck

  • Carey ShanksCo-Founder | Utility Infielder

    “To found and run a successful company based on sustainable business practices is a dream come true.”
    Photo: Joe Amon/Denver Post

  • Michelle MarlowSpirit Liaison

    “I love sharing our spirits & our story! To be the only zero-waste distillery in the world and produce award-winning spirits, you really can have it all!”

  • Dorian DiPangrazioPeople Pleaser

    “I love spoiling people.”

  • Shaefer WelchThe Good Fellow

    “Great service starts with having pride in what you serve. People, place, product. Never has my job been easier or more fulfilling.”

  • Mandy BrennanCan Do Chick

    “I want it done right, so I do it myself – Come enjoy perfection MDC style.”

  • Team MDC

    “Join Us, We can’t wait to spoil you at The Marble Bar.”

  • Distillery Dogs

    “We love hanging out at the distillery – the bartenders give us bacon.”