Wine Enthusiast mentions Marble’s Gingercello and Gingercello Reserve

Marble Gingercello Reserve, a premium ginger liqueur from Colorado

The Bittersweet Symphony of Modern Liqueurs


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Marble Gingercello Liqueur (USA; Marble Distilling, Carbondale, CO); $39, 93 points. Described by the producer as “a contemporary cello adaptation,” look for a pale straw hue in the glass and sprightly fresh ginger root fragrance. The palate is moderately sweet and viscous, spiced with plenty of ginger and finishing with lemon peel brightness. abv: 35%

Marble Gingercello Reserve (USA; Marble Distilling, Carbondale, CO); $55, 93 points. This is a ginger-laced take on the limoncello category, lightly aged in oak casks. The end result is a golden liqueur with warming, muted ginger tones tinged with vanilla. It almost drinks like a young brandy. abv: 35% 


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