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Vinepair reviews Marble’s Sustainable Distilling, the inn and more!

Marble Distilling & The Distillery Inn, located in Carbondale, Colorado., is where sustainability meets spirits. We’re thrilled to share our story with you and how we’re doing our part to reduce our environmental impact while producing high-quality spirits.

We use geothermal energy to power our distillery, which means we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. Additionally, we use recycled materials in our packaging, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices.

Our Distillery Inn offers guests a unique experience to stay in a hotel located inside a functioning distillery. It’s the perfect destination for those who love spirits and want to learn more about our sustainability practices. You can even enjoy cocktails made from our spirits while staying at the hotel!

At Marble Distilling Co. & The Distillery Inn, we’re passionate about sustainability and providing customers with an unforgettable experience. We believe that by taking care of the environment, we’re able to produce spirits that not only taste great but also support a better future for all of us.

We invite you to visit us in Carbondale, Colorado, and experience the unique combination of sustainability and spirits that we offer. Thank you for supporting our mission, and we hope to see you soon at Marble Distilling Co. & The Distillery Inn.


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