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Marble Distilling's whiskey tasting flight

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” Similar to enjoying the complexities of wine, tasting bourbon requires learning how to savor — once the shock of the alcohol fades — to categorize potentially rolling flavors and subtle aromas versus just shooting the delicious brown liquid. You’ll want to assess appearance, aroma, taste, and finish — and take plenty of notes in order to compare your experiences with different bottles.

One of the best ways to open the flavor of bourbon and help develop your tasting skills is to incorporate water. “A drop or two of water should be added after an initial taste neat, as the chemical reaction will boost the concentrations of flavor compounds and ‘open’ or ‘release’ aromatics to further explore the depth of the whiskey,” says Connie Baker, the co-founder, CEO, and head distiller at Marble Distilling Co., an artisan operation known for using local grains and sustainable practices. She adds that after the initial sip of the straight spirit “a noticeable difference before and after water can help identify flavor profiles.”


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